Heyo! I'm a Web & Software Engineer. I work both in-house and with private clients developing Software Applications, Websites & E-Commerce Solutions.

I love working with JavaScript (ES6), React, Redux, Sass/Less, API’s, GraphQL, Node, PHP, MySQL, Webpack, Git, Docker & beyond...

Nb* Below are some samples of basic UI work. For privacy reasons, I keep software based repositories & code samples hidden from public access. If you're interested in hiring me, or want to learn more about my engineering work, then please don't hesitate to get in touch and request some samples.



Esther is an all-round quality employee, with excellent communication skills, an eye for detail and a dedication for her craft. Not only does she take direction well and contribute to the vibrant workplace culture, but she also conscientiously works well autonomously. She is extremely skilled in her field and would make a valuable addition to any team.

  ―  Michael Ranga - Barking Bird, Lead Developer

Esther is a super talented and valued team member of the team. She is professional and a well-rounded developer who is able to perform and adapt to any fast-paced environment. Working closely with Esther, I quickly realised that she has a really good work ethic and very supportive of the team. We worked on a variety of web projects and she was spot on with meeting the design briefs. Esther is well respected by all and has become a close friend of mine. I give my recommendation to anyone looking for a super capable web engineer.

  ―  Tony Ma - Urban Angles, Creative Director

I worked with Esther on the same team for a handful of different projects, and she was very reliable, communicative, and thorough. She pays attention to timelines and is detail-oriented. I appreciated Esther's commitment to quality work and asking productive questions when faced with ambiguous and complicated asks. As the Project Manager on the team, Esther definitely made my job easier, resulting in happy clients and successful project launches.

  ―  Michelle Udem - Product Manager, Live Axle LLC

As a designer I’m constantly looking for web developers who know what they’re doing and will keep in the loop as the job progresses. Esther constantly keeps the line of communication open, she is able to effectively communicate tech issues in a way that everyone can understand. Esther will go to all lengths to ensure that a provided design is achieved down to the finest detail. Esther is highly responsive, responsible, and very skilled at what she does.

  ―  Karmen Lee - Lead Designer